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By Rick Mullen,
Maintenance Sales News Magazine Associate Editor

In part one of Maintenance Sales News’ two-part series on Sales Consultant Jim Pancero’s presentation titled, “Winning Selling Strategies For Today’s Disruptive Sales Realities,” which appeared in the January 2020 eNews, he shared how selling has changed dramatically in the past five years.

Pancero said a company's electronic footprint goes beyond just maintaining a website.

“What are you doing on social media? Are you posting videos? What are you doing to gain visibility for your company? How do people know you are around?” Pancero asked an audience of cleaning industry professionals. “When a new sales rep calls, the first thing you do is Google the company he/she represents. What happens if the company doesn’t show up in a search? If the company does have a website, what if it is a cheap little thing with very little information? What would that say about the company?

“What if you want to have me for sales training and you look on YouTube and there is nothing there? What would that say about me? Today, a company’s electronic footprint is an extension of its brand.

“Your company’s presence in your market is being measured, not just physically onsite, but also electronically. So, the more presence you have, the more it strengthens your brand.”

Pancero said it would be a good idea to ask customers what is the social media platform on which they spend the most time.

“For younger customers, it is probably going to be Instagram. For the older, it is going to be Facebook,” Pancero said.

The idea is, Pancero explained, whatever social media platform a customer uses the most is where a distributor should also establish a presence.

“If I ask my customers and everybody I talked to is on LinkedIn, where should I spend my time? Decide where you should have a presence and have visibility online, because when you have those two things, you have strength,” Pancero said.


Because of the generational changeover, a sales leader’s job has changed dramatically, Pancero said.

Breakdown of the generations:
• Over 90 years old: The Greatest Generation (born before 1925);
• From 71 to 90: The Silent Generation (1923 to 1944);
From 51 to 70: Baby Boomer Generation (1945 to 1964);
• From 38 to 54: Generation X (1961 to 1977);
• From 16 to 37: Generation Y/millennials (1978 to 2000); and,
• Under 15: Generation Z (2000 to 2015).

“We are going through this generational change where the baby boomers are phasing out and the millennials are coming in. Gen X is a very important generation that is flexible,” Pancero said. “If you are an older Gen Xer you tend to follow baby boomer philosophies. If you are a younger Gen Xer, you are more in line with millennials.”

During the baby boomer era, the interaction between salespeople and their managers was much different from what is required in leading a millennial sales force.

“Baby boomer sales reps were ‘independent gunfighters.’ Their attitude toward sales managers was, ‘Just leave me alone, get out of my way and just be there when I need you,’” Pancero said. “In the old days, the only thing sales managers did was special pricing, expediting, problem solving and customer calls. Baby boomers hid from their managers — ‘Just stay away from me so I can improve my sales.’”

Pancero contrasted the backgrounds of the two generations by examining how each group played as children.

“If you are a baby boomer, the games you played took place independently in the neighborhood,” Pancero said. “Somebody had a bat, somebody had a ball and you had a game. You spent a third of the time picking sides, a third playing the game and a third fighting whether the ball was in or out.

“In contrast, millennials didn’t go outside to play. They were driven to practice. At practice there was a coach and at every practice they were taught something. Therefore, when they join your sales team, they expect to be taught. At every meeting with a manager, millennials assume they are going to be taught something.

“During their entire time growing up, whenever millennials played, fun was associated with learning and teaching. Millennials didn’t have creativity to figure out how to hit a ball, they were taught how to hit a ball the right way from the beginning. So, now that they are on your sales team, what is their creativity level? It is right down to the ground. They don’t know how to figure something out on their own, because they have always been taught how to do things.

“Millennials sit in their office and ask, ‘What do you want me to do? Who do you want me to call? I called and there was nobody there, now what do you want me to do?’ As a result, selling today has become ‘paint by numbers.’

“If you are going to launch a new campaign for the month, we can’t just tell millennials to go out there and be creative. They don’t know how. It’s not fair. It’s never been part of their background.”

Pancero explained the difference between “transactional” managers and “selling process” managers. Some of the differences between the two has to do with the point in the selling process the manager gets involved.

Transactional managers don’t get involved in the process until after the sales rep issues a quote. After the quote is given, the transactional manager asks, “What is it going to take to close this business?”

“At this point, we are back to special pricing, expediting, problem solving and customer calls,” Pancero said. “The only thing the transactional manager can do is either cut the price, or promise extra services and training to sweeten the deal, which is cutting margins to win the business.”

In today’s business environment, the selling process manager gets involved in the beginning before a quote is given.

“The selling process manager does not do the job for a sales rep, but rather gives guidance, coaching and direction,” Pancero said. “We just don’t leave our people on their own anymore.

“By the way, this same change has already been made in the NFL (National Football League). Ten years ago, who called the plays on the field? — the quarterback. Today, the offensive coordinator up in the stands calls the plays. Is it because quarterbacks are dumber today? The quarterback is not the problem, it is because the game has gotten more complex. There’s more process. There’s more structure and complexity, so quarterbacks need a coach.

“Transactional managers only ask two questions — ‘what?’ and ‘who?’ What are you going to close this month and who is it going to be. What do you have coming in this month and who is it going to be?

“The two words selling process coaches use are ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ How are you going to go after that account? Why aren’t you also calling on that person?”

Pancero said one of the major problems he has working with older “transactional” managers is their attitude, i.e., “What I’m doing has worked for 20 years, why do I need to change? We just need to hire more motivated people.”

“Selling process coaches guide and lead their people through the process. Transactional managers get out of the way,” Pancero said. “So, while baby boomers are hiding from their managers, millennials are walking in the door saying, ‘Help me.’ It’s the difference in the cultures.”

Pancero said one of the things an effective coach and leader can do is develop ongoing sales training, even if it is only 10 or 15 minutes at each sales meeting.

“Remember, every time millennials went to practice they were taught something,” Pancero said. “You have a window of opportunity to conduct ongoing training to improve the process, no matter the senority levels of your sales reps.”

Pancero touted videos as effective training tools.

“There are thousands of videos that are all under five minutes long on selling that are being cranked out in the marketplace today,” Pancero said. “The first thing to do is show a video. Then after the video, ask your sales team three questions: ‘What did you think of the video? How relevant are those ideas to our industry and company? What are you going to do/try differently based on what we’ve learned from this video?’ With just those three questions, you can lead a discussion.”

In addition, to follow up on a weekly training session involving a video, Pancero suggested that during normal conversations throughout the week, managers ask sales reps if they have had any success with the new ideas discussed.

Pancero also shared some sources where managers can find videos.

Hubspot published an article titled, ‘The 34 best sales training videos on YouTube,’” Pancero said. “It lists all the best sales trainers who have free videos to help you. I am very excited that my video is No. 10.”

Pancero’s video on the list is titled, “Your Price is Too High – 7 Steps to Defending Price.” His free sales rep training videos can be found at www.youtube.com/c/JimPancero.

“You can also connect with me on LinkedIn, where I am posting four videos a week on sales and sales leadership (all under four minutes),” Pancero said. “You can also subscribe to my free Friday e-newsletter (at www.Pancero.com) that includes links to the four videos posted that week.”

For more in-depth sales video training by Pancero, visit www.AdvancedSalesUniversity.com.

Pancero also highly recommended attending the University of Innovative Distribution (www.univid.org), which takes place every March in Indianapolis, IN. This year, the event is scheduled for March 8-11.

Contact: Jim Pancero,
2006 Robin Hill Lane, Carrollton, TX 75007.
Phone: 952-913-8998.
Email: jim@pancero.com.
Website: www.pancero.com.

Tork Releases New Insights About Sustainable Life Away From Home ­­­

Global Professional Hygiene brand Tork is contributing to a more sustainable life away from home. This includes sharing global insights and trends about the value a commitment to sustainable business practices can have on people’s lives, not just at home, but also where they work, dine and travel.

Demands for integrating sustainability into business practices are increasing and people, companies and organizations are constantly looking for new ideas and solutions to improve their sustainability. A recent Harvard study showed that companies with strong sustainability programs see an increase in employee satisfaction by 55 percent.1

Sustainability and business are linked as more than 66 percent of consumers say that they would pay more for sustainable options of goods and services – with an even higher percentage among millennials (73 percent). 2

Globally, 67 percent of companies say that sustainability strategies are necessary to be competitive 3 , and research from the World Economic Forum shows that eco-innovative companies of all sizes are growing, on average, at a rate of 15 percent a year, while their respective markets have remained flat. 4

“The new Tork approach, Sustainable Life Away from Home, is based on what we have learned from collaborating with our customers globally. Additional sustainability trends can be found in the Tork Sustainable Life Away from Home Trend Report 2019 that covers topics such as climate change, carbon emissions, and the circular economy, providing insightful knowledge that companies can use to better their sustainability performance,” said the company.

“The Tork approach is built on the three pillars created by Essity, maker of the Tork brand, and are designed to contribute to a more sustainable world. Tork is focused on providing sustainable products and services that improve well-being, create more from less and contribute to a circular society.

“Our ambitions for 2030 are set to meet our overall Essity corporate sustainability strategy, and our Tork goals. On well-being, we aim to have 6 percent of all Tork innovations to be people innovations. These are innovations that contribute social benefits for customers, consumers and society. Additionally, we are also committed to ensuring that our Tork products will have a 33 percent lower environmental footprint by 2030.

“Tork has long been a forerunner in sustainability in the Professional Hygiene sector. With innovations that allow the end-customer to reduce consumption, cut carbon emissions and minimize waste, Tork helps businesses reach their own sustainability targets.”

The following are examples of the three pillars:

Tork Well-Being: Tork Clean Care™ Program has numerous hygiene tools, tips and global insights for improving hygiene for better business. In 2018, we trained 175,000 people on better hand hygiene.

More From Less: Tork Coreless Bath Tissue has an 11 percent lower carbon footprint and 82 percent less packaging waste 5. Tork PeakServe® provides double the towels you can carry and store as they’re compressed by 50 percent.6

Circularity: A circularity initiative is Closed Loop Recycling in North America that enables customers to turn recycled office paper into locally manufactured third-party certified paper hand towels and napkins, helping our customers close the loop on their paper waste. For the University of Vermont, the program has helped divert over 15,000 cubic feet of office paper from traditional recycling which means they have avoided the burning of 75,000 gallons of oil and cut 12,000 pounds of air pollutants from transportation and production.7 Tork is committed to sustainable business practices.

“Tork is a brand from the global hygiene and health company Essity, recognized as one of the world’s most sustainable companies. Essity is a United Nations Global Compact Signatory and prioritizes six of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Essity also partners with the Science Based Targets Carbon Reduction Initiative and had its targets approved in 2018.

“Tork is committed to taking a lead on sustainability – helping our customers, their employees and guests to do the same.”

Visit www.torkusa.com/about/sustainability to learn more and download the Tork Sustainable Life Away from Home 2019 Trend Report.

1. https://hbr.org/2016/10/the-comprehensive-business-case-for-sustainability
2. Nielsen Global Sustainability Report, 2015
3. MIT as quoted in https://www.huffingtonpost.com/steven-cohen/sustainability-by-the-num_b_2158104.html?guccounter=1
4. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/03/how-going-green-can-help-the-planet-and-your-profits/
5. Based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Tork Toilet paper, on the European market, conducted by Essity and verified by Swerea IVF 2017
6. Compared to Tork Universal refills and folded towel dispenser 552020.
7. Based on epa.gov industry data.

“The Tork brand offers professional hygiene products and services to customers worldwide ranging from restaurants and healthcare facilities to offices, schools and industries. Our products include dispensers, paper towels, toilet tissue, soap, napkins, wipers, but also software solutions for data-driven cleaning. Through expertise in hygiene, functional design and sustainability, Tork has become a market leader that supports customers to think ahead so they’re always ready for business. Tork is a global brand of Essity, and a committed partner to customers in over 110 countries. To keep up with the latest Tork news and innovations, please visit www.torkusa.com.

“Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company dedicated to improving well-being through products and services, essentials for everyday life. The name Essity stems from the words essentials and necessities. Our sustainable business model creates value for people and nature. Sales are conducted in approximately 150 countries under the leading global brands TENA and Tork, and other strong brands, such as JOBST, Leukoplast, Libero, Libresse, Lotus, Nosotras, Saba, Tempo, Vinda and Zewa. Essity has about 47,000 employees and net sales in 2018 amounted to approximately SEK 118.5bn (EUR 11.6bn). The headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and the company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.”

For more information, visit www.essity.com.

From The Bullen Companies:
WINTERINSE To Eliminate White Film That Can Be Caused By Ice Melt

“WINTERINSE and Liquid Ice Melt season is here. The Bullen Companies' WINTERINSE and Liquid Ice Melt are essential for surviving the cold, winter season.

“WINTERINSE will eliminate the white film from ice melt chemicals that is deposited at entrance ways and can be tracked over other flooring and carpeting. Just mop with WINTERINSE and your floors can be as beautiful in the winter as they are in the summer,” said Bullen.

Liquid Ice Melt is a fast-acting liquid used for ice removal and ice prevention. It leaves no harmful or unsightly film. This product will break up ice and packed-on snow in less than 20 minutes for easy removal by plow, shovel or broom. As a pre-spray, it will make plowing and shoveling easier.

The Bullen Companies is a manufacturer in the floor care, carpet care, and odor control market, and has been serving the janitorial supply industry since 1939. Its line of branded products includes: Airx, Truekleen, Clausen, e-clean, SanoVerde, RoadOff and One Up, along with hundreds of private label programs worldwide.

To learn more about The Bullen Companies or to receive product specification literature, e-mail sales@bullenonline.com or visit www.bullenonline.com.

From Bro-Tex:
12-Inch x 12-Inch Right Rags™

Bro-Tex introduces its new 12-inch x 12-inch Right Rags™.

Some of the features include:
• Reusable microfiber cloths with a disposable cloth price point;
• Lint free and streak free;
• Positively charged to attract dirt and dust; and,
• Convenient dispenser box which is great for supply rooms, carts, break rooms and more.

For more information, visit www.brotex.com.

From WizKid Products:
Introducing The Mini Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen

WizKid Products announces the newest product in its line of Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screens, the Mini Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screen. This slightly smaller version of the original vertical urinal screen solves the same problem of splash back, and foul odors in a men's urinal. It has been designed with additional product features to ensure fit and effectiveness in compact wall-mount urinals.

"When we launched the first Splash Hog product in 2017, we immediately began to see a shift in public restrooms to the installation of compact urinal styles to maximize space," said Jeff Crevier, president of WizKid Products.

“The line of Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screens was developed because of the mess that is left around men's urinals. Even the most well-intentioned man couldn't prevent splash back, and restrooms were left with urine on the floor and on the user. The patented line of Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screens is the answer to this problem, with its hedgehog-like spines to stop the splash back. It is the only vertical screen design on the market that provides coverage in a urinal where guys actually go, the back wall. It also features an above-average 45-day fragrance load — strong enough to deodorize an entire restroom, and an embedded enzymatic to stop build-up down the drain.”

Beginning with the WizKid Original Cut Urinal Mat, the line of WizKid Antimicrobial Mats has grown to provide moisture management solutions for entire facilities. The Splash Hog Vertical Urinal Screens are the only urinal screens that extend up the back wall and are the only solution of its kind in the market today. The company is headquartered in Dalton, GA.

The Mini Splash Hog is available now from WizKidProducts.com.

Also, for more information on the WizKid Antimicrobial Runner Mat, visit WizKidProducts.com.

Aluf, Now Greener Than Ever

API Industries Inc. (DBA Aluf Plastics) has announced its Go Green Initiative.

“Aluf Plastics is committed to manufacturing environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible products, to help protect the environment and sustain our natural resources for current and future generations.

“As a trailblazing leader in the can liner and bag industry, Aluf provides customers with a wide range of green-friendly products.

“We proudly boast a number of earth-friendly lines and solutions that will minimize your carbon footprint and maximize your environmental initiatives.

“Aluf’s passion for continually upping the bar in eco-friendly attributes makes it the best partner for taking your green initiatives to the next level,” said Aluf.

Aluf’s 4-R principles for making the earth cleaner include:

Reduce —Hi-tech machinery minimizes material used in production;

Reuse —Internal waste such as wastewater and cardboard is reused;

Recycle —Over 60 percent of lineup consists of 90 percent recycled material content; and,

Reclaim —Post-consumer and post-industrial recycling collection program.

“Aluf’s proprietary tri-laminate process on our Coex line of bags uses less plastic than competitor’s bags reducing waste – yet providing superior strength and durability.”

If you are looking to generate more LEEDS credits or seeking certification for an in-house recycling program, Aluf can help. Aluf’s unique COEX SuperTuff CXP line of can liners is produced from 80 percent recycled material and 10 percent post-consumer content, to virgin film products that pass the green-friendly test by using considerably less material.

“Aluf’s goal is to provide our customers with a robust green can liner and trash bag lineup that reduces stress on the environment, while uniting us as we proudly take a bigger step toward saving the planet.”

For more information, call 800-394-BAGS or visit alufplastics.com.

RDA Advantage Announces Partnership With Network Services Company

RDA Advantage, an independent redistributor, has partnered with Network Services Company, a distributor of janitorial and sanitation supplies, industrial packaging and foodservice disposables.

“This partnership is very exciting for Network and RDA Advantage. It combines our expertise in redistribution while providing opportunities for expansion in new and current markets,” said Grant Walter, RDA Advantage chairman.

RDA Advantage has multiple distribution centers across the United States and Canada. The business of RDA Advantage members is to, "make a distributor more successful by serving as their ally, not their competitor." For more information, visit rdaadvantage.com.

Spartan’s Ghen and Vermeersch Recognized As 2019 Vendor Representative Of The Year By EBP Supply Solutions

EBP Supply Solutions selected two Spartan regional managers as Vendor Representative of the Year for 2019.

Spartan's Evan Ghen (right) was selected by EBP’s Cranbury, NJ, branch. The award was
presented to Ghen by Brian Reddy, EBP.
Spartan's Jesse Vermeersch (right) was selected by EBP’s Milford, CT, branch. The award was presented to him by Walt Anker,

Each year, EBP Supply Solutions selects a vendor representative of the year. The criteria for the award includes execution of sales and marketing efforts, supporting product and sales training, capable problem solving and resolution, after-sales support, effective communication, and response time.

Evan Ghen was selected by EBP’s Cranbury, NJ, branch. The award was presented to Ghen by Brian Reddy, vice president sales, Cranbury Division.

“Evan is an individual who carries himself with a high level of professionalism and preparedness,” said Reddy. “He delivers some of the most informative, polished, solution-based sales calls and demos that I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in. Evan brings us business...actual orders and when it comes time for implementation, this gentleman leaves no stone unturned.”

Jesse Vermeersch was selected by EBP’s Milford, CT, branch. The award was presented to him by Walt Anker, vice president sales, Milford Division.

“Jesse has now won this award in our division for the third year in a row,” said Anker. “He seems to be everywhere all the time for us. It’s tough to list all of the many instances where Jesse has shone for us, so I’ll summarize by saying that Jesse just does anything to get a job done for us…he just makes it happen and he is a true partner and ally.”

The awards were presented to Ghen and Vermeersch during EBP Supply Solutions' annual kickoff meeting.

Spartan formulates and manufactures products from its facility in Maumee, OH, and sells both domestically and internationally through a network of distribution. For more information, visit www.spartanchemical.com.

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