A Q&A with a Leading JanSan ERP Software

1). What is ERP software, and how does it help the distribution sector?

 ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning. ERP software runs the entire day-to-day business functions. It has programs for sales, purchasing, accounting, CRM, and inventory.

2). How can Advantive help distributors quickly adapt to changing supply and demand issues with its advanced warehouse and inventory management tools?

DDI System’s purchasing module analyzes each product’s demand so it can suggest recommended quantities to be purchased based on an item’s selling volume, limiting dead stock. A major factor of this module is lead time: if vendor lead time increases, it will tell you to buy more to account for increased lead times.

3). How can a distributor’s strategic pricing be maintained with a margin-based pricing manager?

DDI can maintain a margin of last sale. As products are sold, the system will remember the gross profit percentage for each item and for each customer. If your cost goes up, the system will automatically increase the selling price to maintain that margin of the last sale. This prevents your profit margin on these items from getting slowly being chipped away when your costs inevitably increase.

4). How does Advantive’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) help distributors fine-tune their warehouse operations?

The WMS module within the system lets distributors know where all products are within the warehouse, guides them around the warehouse in the most efficient route when picking orders, and prevents wrong products from being grabbed for orders. All of which reduces the need for redelivery of products to customers.

5). How can InformMobile help sales team members take immediate action on the go?

Inform Mobile is a web-based product that allows a sales rep to enter orders and quotes, check inventory levels, and see customer pricing, among other functions, without having to call the office to get this information. InformMobile makes this information accessible from a mobile device like an iPad or iPhone.

6). What advantages are there to using Advantive’s fully connected eCommerce webstore that integrates in real-time with ERP?

Ecommerce Pro provides an Amazon-like experience that allows our customers’ customers to log in, place orders, see and pay their open invoices, and see real-time inventory and pricing.  Giving your customers a self-service option frees up inside sales to focus on other important revenue-driving tasks instead of fielding these calls.


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