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Extend Your Cleaning Machine’s Run Time With Essential Li® US 24VGC2
The Essential Li® US 24VGC2 deep cycle lithium-ion battery is designed to help minimize downtime, providing exceptional reliability and long-lasting power for various cleaning applications. Its lightweight and compact design ensures ease of use, allowing cleaning professionals to work efficiently. Backed by an impressive 8-year warranty, this battery is built to last.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
The US 24VGC2 has a ~67 amp-hour capacity, and at a ~40A draw, it maintains ~67 Ah, resulting in a potential 30 percent increase in runtime and up to eight times the expected battery life, all with the benefits of zero maintenance and three times faster charging.

Industries this product is used in:
Anywhere a battery-powered floor cleaning machine, pallet jack, or scissor lift is used.

Advanced New Neptune Multi-Surface Commercial Extractor Delivers 70% Faster Cycle Time, Increased Operational Worksite Revenue
The Neptune 1200 Multi-Surface Extractor combines adjustable 1200 psi, large 15-Gallon Tank and value-pricing into a powerful, efficient, durable professional cleaning system.

The Neptune 1200 includes a dual vacuum and an adjustable 400-1200 psi output that will deep clean even the most stubborn grout lines. The dual vacuum has 180” of lift to quickly recover water. The Neptune 1200 includes a large 15 Gallon Capacity and a 20 gallons-per-minute (GPM) auto dump pump that cycle time by 70 percent.

The Neptune 1200 is designed for the demanding requirements of both the hard surface and carpet cleaning professional.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
Large, multi-site maintenance crews demanded a powerful dual vacuum multi-surface extractor system to help them handle all floor cleaning challenges, and easily adjust from indoor to outdoor or hard surface cleaning faster, easier and with more efficiency.

The Neptune’s adjustable psi multi-surface extraction system allows users to scale cleaning to the exact amount of pressure needed to deep-clean all surface areas in a facility, such as: furniture, upholstery, carpet, tile and grout, cement, showers, and restroom floors.

The Neptune 1200 is the new standard for the hard surface cleaning industry. The Neptune 1200 allows professional cleaning teams to complete jobs quicker and achieve new levels of operational productivity and worksite revenue.

Industries this product is used in:
Residential living, Hospitals, Adult Family Homes (AFH facilities), Restaurants, Hospitality, Restroom Maintenance and Cleaning, Construction, Education, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing facilities, Government, D&A.


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