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ONYX New SXi Lithium-Ion (LFP) Battery Burnisher
The new SXi Lithium-ion battery powered burnisher runs on a 72V power supply, configurable with a single battery producing 2+ hour runtime, or a dual battery pack producing 4+ hour runtime. The burnisher head motor is rated 40%+ higher than the battery burnishers on the market today, producing 5hp of mechanical work output. The result is far superior performance compared to other battery burnishers. This allows the SXi productivity to approach that of its propane contemporaries. The sleek low-profile design has an LED lighting strip, variable speed control and an 8-gallon water tank adding to the units application versatility.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
This innovative design utilizes the latest Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) lithium-ion battery technology to produce 5ph of mechanical work output. This far exceeds anything on the market today. The product design utilizes all of the existing frame benefits of our propane powered burnishers, e.g. low profile front end for reaching under shelving, adjustable handle height for operator comfort, simple mechanical running wheel adjustment to adjust the head pressure for different applications, variable speed adjustment, and onboard 8-gallon water tank to further expand application versatility. With a run time of >4 hours for the dual battery configuration, this machine is now a viable option for many concrete prep contractors with large square-footage requirements. The quiet battery acoustics render this machine suitable for applications that were previously unsuitable for noisy propane internal combustion engines such as nursing homes, medical facility flooring, and hospitality flooring. This is truly revolutionary in the cleaning and floor polishing world.

Industries this product is used in:
Industrial cleaning, JanSan (cleaning contractors or JanSan cleaning staff), and concrete finishing industries (concrete contractors). Schools / Campuses / Education, Malls, Hospitals & Healthcare, National Accounts, Big Box Retail / Warehouses, Venues / Events / Hospitality, Concrete construction contractors (for finishing concrete or concrete floor maintenance).


Kraken Professional-Grade Flood Restoration Extractor - The Industry’s Fastest, Quietest, Most Powerful Cleanup System
Versatile new Kraken Flood Extractor combines largest dual vac motors available, multi-pump and sump pump capability into a market-leading, powerful professional restoration system.

The Kraken Flood Restoration Extractor is designed for the demanding requirements of professional restoration and large building maintenance operations that are tasked with removing water and cleaning floor areas, in order to reduce damage from flooding or broken pipes. The U.S. Products Kraken includes dual vacuum motors, cooling fan and mufflers, and relies simply on 15-amp power sources.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
Minutes matter. When there’s a flood, broken pipe, or water leak emergency, it’s important to get the liquid out fast and the area cleaned up. Professional Jan-San cleaning and restoration requires immediate extraction and pumping. The Kraken provides both.

A water leak, flood, overflow or broken pipe recovery is a race against time. Floods, leaks, malfunctioning appliances, or overflowing drains require immediate restoration to floors, carpets and areas before the damage becomes significant. Jan-San restoration response teams and large care and residence facilities require efficient water removal, cleaning, heating and even sump pump equipment to get the job done rapidly and effectively - and return the property to normal.

The new Kraken system allows professional teams to complete jobs quicker and achieve new levels of operational productivity. Plus, the Kraken even acts as a sump pump if needed. The Kraken is the best, most reliable professional-grade Jan-San Restoration extractor available in the market.

The U.S. Products Kraken includes:

  • Dual top-mounted vacuum motors.
  • 4-inch vacuum motor cooling fan & mufflers for major sound reduction.
  • Two-Stage 136-inch lift and 240 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) air flow.
  • 15 amp maximum per cord power requirement.
  • 25-feet of 2-inch vacuum hose and 50-feet of 1.5-inch dump hose with quick release clamp attachment.

Industries this product is used in:
Hospital, Care and Residence facilities, Hospitality, Casinos, Education, Restaurants, Jan-San Cleaning Operations, Restoration Operations


Advanced New Neptune Multi-Surface Commercial Extractor Delivers 70% Faster Cycle Time, Increased Operational Worksite Revenue
The Neptune 1200 Multi-Surface Extractor combines adjustable 1200 psi, large 15-Gallon Tank and value-pricing into a powerful, efficient, durable professional cleaning system.

The Neptune 1200 includes a dual vacuum and an adjustable 400-1200 psi output that will deep clean even the most stubborn grout lines. The dual vacuum has 180” of lift to quickly recover water. The Neptune 1200 includes a large 15 Gallon Capacity and a 20 gallons-per-minute (GPM) auto dump pump that cycle time by 70 percent.

The Neptune 1200 is designed for the demanding requirements of both the hard surface and carpet cleaning professional.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
Large, multi-site maintenance crews demanded a powerful dual vacuum multi-surface extractor system to help them handle all floor cleaning challenges, and easily adjust from indoor to outdoor or hard surface cleaning faster, easier and with more efficiency.

The Neptune’s adjustable psi multi-surface extraction system allows users to scale cleaning to the exact amount of pressure needed to deep-clean all surface areas in a facility, such as: furniture, upholstery, carpet, tile and grout, cement, showers, and restroom floors.

The Neptune 1200 is the new standard for the hard surface cleaning industry. The Neptune 1200 allows professional cleaning teams to complete jobs quicker and achieve new levels of operational productivity and worksite revenue.

Industries this product is used in:
Residential living, Hospitals, Adult Family Homes (AFH facilities), Restaurants, Hospitality, Restroom Maintenance and Cleaning, Construction, Education, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing facilities, Government, D&A.


Trojan AES AGM Batteries
The maintenance-free Trojan AES Battery improves floor cleaning machine performance by lasting up to 3x longer than standard AGM, providing reliable operation in harsh environments, and withstanding repetitive partial state of charge (PSoC). An evolution of proven valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) technology, the Trojan AES Battery combines advances such as a proprietary carbon additive and Deep Cycle Series (DCS) technology to prevent the degradation of positive materials. The battery works in PSoC while preserving negative active and positive material. It’s designed to handle opportunity charging and extended run times.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
The Trojan AES Battery outperforms competitive products in these areas:

Lasts Longer: Up to 3x more cycle life than standard AGM, reducing costly replacements and downtime. Validated at 1,200 cycles at 100% depth of discharge (DoD).  (Most competitive products only claim to double the cycle life.)

Harsh Conditions: Robust performance in extreme conditions and temperatures ranging from -40 F to 140 F (-40 C to 60 C).

Harmless PSoC Operation: Tested to withstand long-term partial state of charging, again and again - important when operators do not follow proper maintenance procedures.

Maintenance Free: Virtually no maintenance, as watering is not required.

Safe and Sustainable: The Trojan AES is classified as non-spillable and can be safely mounted horizontally to fit difficult locations. It is made using 80% recycled materials and is 99% recyclable.

Warranty: This VRLA battery carries a three-year warranty.

Charger Compatibility: The battery has plug-and-play compatibility with chargers using AGM profiles.

Industries this product is used in:
Floor cleaning equipment, aerial work platforms (AWP), material handling (class 3 pallet jacks), low-speed electric vehicles (golf cars and utility vehicles), solar and renewable energy, recreational vehicles, marine


Extend Your Cleaning Machine’s Run Time With Essential Li® US 24VGC2
The Essential Li® US 24VGC2 deep cycle lithium-ion battery is designed to help minimize downtime, providing exceptional reliability and long-lasting power for various cleaning applications. Its lightweight and compact design ensures ease of use, allowing cleaning professionals to work efficiently. Backed by an impressive 8-year warranty, this battery is built to last.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
The US 24VGC2 has a ~67 amp-hour capacity, and at a ~40A draw, it maintains ~67 Ah, resulting in a potential 30 percent increase in runtime and up to eight times the expected battery life, all with the benefits of zero maintenance and three times faster charging.

Industries this product is used in:
Anywhere a battery-powered floor cleaning machine, pallet jack, or scissor lift is used.


Lindhaus LW44 Flexy - LW52 Flexy Innovative Scrubber Drier (100% Made In Italy)
Flexy is a Lindhaus word for “flexible” to best describe the essential part of the company’s LW44 and LW52 innovative scrubber driers. Thanks to the patented joint system, these machines can operate in any position, including horizontal, with the possibility to lock the handle every 15° to effortlessly work for hours. For easy access under tables, around furniture and busy areas, the patented Flexy joint can be put in a free position so the handle can freely rotate 360°, allowing the machine to easily turn in any direction. Included is minimal environmental impact featuring a powerful  lithium battery and 6lt tank for non-stop 60-minute working time.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
Lindhaus LW44 - LW52 Flexy are machines developed with the latest technology that includes a high efficiency Rotafil brushless vacuum motor in combination with a very sophisticated electronic driver, two new Rotafil high-torque gearbox brush motors, and machine electronics to reduce power consumption as well as extend battery working time and durability. There are three speeds on each motor, three water flow settings, and an “eco” function. All motors, electronic controls, recovery tank and battery are located at the base where maximum weight is needed for correct brush pressure. Only the solution tank is placed on the vertical frame so the handle can freely rotate down to horizontal position without the risk of water entering the vacuum motor. The machine’s total weight is reduced to only 57.5 lb. (LW44) and 61.7 lb. (LW52), including the battery, for easy use and transport. Washable Hepa filtration for healthcare environments is offered standard, and the recovery tank can be completely opened for perfect cleaning. A large selection of brushes and pads are available to perfectly set the machine for any type of floor, including bolted PVC flooring and the very difficult athletic track flooring “tartan.” Advantages, compared to free joint machines available in the market, are many and very important. Designed to be user friendly, other advantages include parts positioning, patented free/lockable joint, double size tank, lowest weight, unique motors and electronic controls, longest working time, Hepa filtration and much more — making these machines superior.

Industries this product is used in:
Hotels, wellness centers, restaurants, offices, healthcare environments, car dealers, laboratories, pharma industries, food industries, airports, metro stations, public buildings, stores, shopping centers.


Black Diamond 3000: The Premier Choice In Diamond-Powered Floor Care
As the final step in the Black Diamond Cleaning and Polishing System, Black Diamond 3000 Polishing and Daily Maintenance Pads produce and maintain a brilliant, high gloss appearance on a variety of flooring substrates. Developed with Americo’s proprietary Integrated Matrix Technology and a base web made from 100% recycled PET fiber, these diamond-powered pads clean and polish floors mechanically without harsh chemicals. Black Diamond 3000 is excellent for high-speed polishing and may be used either wet or dry to bring natural stone, terrazzo, marble, smooth concrete and other floor types up to the next level of gloss.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
This powerful daily maintenance and polishing pad brings out the best in smooth concrete and natural stone floors. When optimal gloss levels are reached, Black Diamond 3000 is the last polishing pad you will need to maintain a high luster appearance. Furthermore, Black Diamond 3000 is an environmentally preferred option due to its recycled content, and it is manufactured in the USA at Americo facilities with zero outsourcing for rigorous and consistent quality control.

Industries this product is used in:
Retail stores, hotels and hospitality, manufacturing, industrial warehouses, construction, agricultural facilities, hospitals and medical offices, restaurants and food service, fitness facilities including pools and gyms, museums, libraries and educational facilities, office spaces and municipalities, military bases and airports.


SmartScrub: The Power To Clean And Shine In Just One Step
SmartScrub Floor Pads perform double duty on daily maintenance by cleaning and shining floors in a single step. Within 30 days, SmartScrub measurably increases shine and reduces or eliminates the need to burnish. This versatile dual-sided pad is ideal for use on a variety of flooring substrates with durability up to 500,000 square feet. With normal use, one SmartScrub pad replaces five buffing pads and five burnishing pads. The brightly colored wear indicator maximizes its useful life - no guesswork required. Made from 100% recycled PET fiber and effective with only water, SmartScrub makes sustainable daily floor maintenance a reality.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
SmartScrub streamlines floor care processes, allowing users to save on labor and material costs and reduce waste. This innovative pad is an environmentally preferred option that is both made from recycled content and recommended for chemical-free use. As a wet-use floor pad, it reduces dust for a healthier work environment. SmartScrub is manufactured in the USA and is designed to let users work smarter, not harder.

Industries this product is used in:
Educational facilities, healthcare facilities, retail chains, airports, health clubs, grocery stores, hospitality facilities, and military bases.


The World’s First Lint Free Finish Mop
It’s a lint free high tech filament yarn mop that for the first time ever, solves the problems associated with laying finish. Immediately, you notice that the coats of finish are more even with more square feet per loading. The release of finish evenly coats the floor’s surface with no drag ... it simply glides. The yarn’s ability to hold the finish with surface tension allows Great White to release the finish more evenly and more completely as it is pulled across the floor. This even release of finish gives you more square footage per trip to the bucket.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
A unique finish-mop that releases all of the finish to the floor with no waste of your expensive finish and no lint in the finish you lay.

Industries this product is used in:
Floor care and maintenance


TrapEze: A More Hygienic Way to Clean
TrapEze Disposable Dusting Sheets deliver powerful cleaning results ideal for facilities with high hygienic standards. In independent lab tests, TrapEze removes 73% more dust, dirt, and debris than the leading brand. The patented design includes a proprietary adhesive applied to the outside of each double-sided sheet, trapping dirt without leaving behind sticky residue. The strong nonwoven construction and convenient select-a-size perforations promote a clean tear for ease of use. TrapEze is compatible with readily available dusting tools and comes in versatile 5- and 8-inch rolls. Additionally, TrapEze contains 70% recycled PET fibers, making it an environmentally preferred choice.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
TrapEze Disposable Dusting Sheets excel for cleaning hard-to-reach zones and are recommended for any hard surfaces where dust accumulates, including floors, window ledges and blinds, vents, crown molding, and walls. These highly effective dusting sheets also promote healthier living and working spaces. In facilities with demanding hygienic standards, cleaning with a fresh sheet of TrapEze in each room or zone helps to reduce cross-contamination.

Industries this product is used in:
Educational facilities, healthcare facilities, retail chains, health clubs, grocery stores, hospitality facilities, casinos and salons.


TrapMaster Is A Two-Sided Dust Collecting Sheet
TrapMaster is a two-sided, airlaid non-woven pad. Open weave construction is 3X thicker than competitive sheets. Proprietary adhering agents trap more dust, dirt, hair and llnt deep into the web structure. TrapMaster has 4X the tensile, tear and elongation strength through innovative design. Disposable pad controls hygiene and potential spread of germs. Made in USA with recycled fiber for maximum sustainability.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
TrapMaster is a two-sided, airlaid non-woven pad with an open weave construction that is 3X thicker than competitive sheets and made from recycled fiber.

Industries this product is used in:
Floorcare maintenance


24 Cutting Edges
The ACS Turbostrip™ Segmented Rotary Strip Pad features 24 polygonal segments  with overlapped angular edges that bite into floor wax aggressively.  Independent lab tests show that the ACS Turbostrip™ Segmented Rotary Strip Pad achieves up to 5X faster wax removal than standard black strip pads depending upon the number of coats to be removed. The ACS Turbostrip™ Segmented Rotary Strip Pad dramatically reduces excess floor wax on strip pads. The pad life increases while the floor stripping work is completed faster.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
The first and only stripping pad with 24 wax cutting edges.

Industries this product is used in:


No Color Transfer And Higher Heat On Concrete


  • The Original Gorilla Pad coated with cleaning/polishing damonds;
  • Actual diamond material dispersed over entire pad face;
  • Cleans & Shines hard floor surfaces to the highest levels;
  • 8 Grit levels make up the broadest diamond pad line in the Industry at 100 grit - 11,000 grit;
  • A proven, environmentally friendly cleaning system;
  • No color dyes added to pads, eliminates color transfer in use; and
  • 40% more durable in competitive field tests.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
8 Grit levels make up the broadest diamond pad line in the industry.

Industries this product is used in:
Hard surface floorcare



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