Hospitality, Long-term Healthcare, Public Buildings, Schools, Office Buildings

Tork® Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth
The Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth® is one of the brand’s latest sustainable hygiene innovations, designed to make cleaning more efficient and productive while bolstering businesses’ sustainability efforts.

The product is 99% biobased and packaged in recyclable materials. It allows hygiene teams to handle both light and heavy-duty cleaning tasks with ease, saving time and effort along the way. It is highly durable and can be used for longer, cutting costs and consumption. Additionally, it is available in a variety of sizes to ideally handle a variety of cleaning needs.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
Today, meeting hygiene expectations is critical and businesses are demanding products that help them meet sustainability goals while increasing productivity. We believe that there are many sustainability opportunities hidden within facilities cleaning workflows, and the Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth was inspired by that belief.

In the coming years, sustainability will only become more important to businesses. Products like the Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth represent important opportunities for leaders to integrate sustainability across their entire business. The cloth is made from 99% biobased fibers, plant-based and sustainably sourced, allowing customers to benefit from improved absorption, durability, linting and solvent consumption while reducing their environmental impact. Plus, they dispense one at a time to reduce waste, as users take only what they need. The product allows cleaning teams to clean with ease. With its strong texture and high absorbency, the product is ideal for removing oil, grease, lubricants and dirt and can wipe away 99.9% of bacteria from the surface using water only.

Industries this product is used in:
Food processing, Foodservice, Building Service Contractors, Higher education, Hospitals, Hotels, Long-term Care, Manufacturing, Office, Passenger Terminals, Recreation