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Trojan AES AGM Batteries
The maintenance-free Trojan AES Battery improves floor cleaning machine performance by lasting up to 3x longer than standard AGM, providing reliable operation in harsh environments, and withstanding repetitive partial state of charge (PSoC). An evolution of proven valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) technology, the Trojan AES Battery combines advances such as a proprietary carbon additive and Deep Cycle Series (DCS) technology to prevent the degradation of positive materials. The battery works in PSoC while preserving negative active and positive material. It’s designed to handle opportunity charging and extended run times.

Why is this product deserving of this award?
The Trojan AES Battery outperforms competitive products in these areas:

Lasts Longer: Up to 3x more cycle life than standard AGM, reducing costly replacements and downtime. Validated at 1,200 cycles at 100% depth of discharge (DoD).  (Most competitive products only claim to double the cycle life.)

Harsh Conditions: Robust performance in extreme conditions and temperatures ranging from -40 F to 140 F (-40 C to 60 C).

Harmless PSoC Operation: Tested to withstand long-term partial state of charging, again and again - important when operators do not follow proper maintenance procedures.

Maintenance Free: Virtually no maintenance, as watering is not required.

Safe and Sustainable: The Trojan AES is classified as non-spillable and can be safely mounted horizontally to fit difficult locations. It is made using 80% recycled materials and is 99% recyclable.

Warranty: This VRLA battery carries a three-year warranty.

Charger Compatibility: The battery has plug-and-play compatibility with chargers using AGM profiles.

Industries this product is used in:
Floor cleaning equipment, aerial work platforms (AWP), material handling (class 3 pallet jacks), low-speed electric vehicles (golf cars and utility vehicles), solar and renewable energy, recreational vehicles, marine