Lindhaus USA

12941 Eagle Creek Pkwy.
Savage, MN 55378 USA

Company Officer(s): Al Carpenter, President Lindhaus USA; Michele Massaro, Owner and President Lindhaus SRL
Products: Lindhaus offers the RX Hepa twomotor upright vacuum in 15-, 18- and 20-inch widths, the Activa Pro single motor 12-inch upright and the Dynamic two-motor upright available in 12- or 15-inch widths. Lindhaus vacuums feature geared belts, highest filtration, lowest sound and vibration levels and on-board tools. Other products include the Lindwash Pro versatile compact floor scrubber available in 12- or 14-inch widths; the LW46 wide path hybrid floor scrubber/drier – powered by battery or electric; the LS50 wide path vacuum cleaner; the LB-4 world’s lightest backpack in either electric or battery powered, also carpet power team option; the LB-3 digital battery powered lightweight commercial upright vacuum; the PB-14 L-ion battery powered power head for backpack, central vacuum or canister vacuum; and the LS-38 sweeper vacuum, electric or battery powered.