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Allegheny Supply officials

Allegheny Supply: Providing Customers With Essential Products, Services & Knowledge For 5-Plus Decades

April 5, 2023

By Harrell Kerkhoff, Maintenance Sales News Magazine Editor The “secret” to succeeding in business sometimes gets lost in today’s fast-paced work environment and the seemingly over-abundance of communication tools. For a successful jan/san distributorship, however, nothing quite works as well as “old-fashioned” customer service. Officials at Allegheny Supply, located in Duncansville, PA, have relied on…


Officials at MASCO Packaging Products

Teamwork Prevails At Springfield, IL, Distributorship To Keep Facilities Clean, Inhabitants Safe & Customers Happy

February 20, 2023

By Harrell Kerkhoff Maintenance Sales News Editor It’s been an eventful past three years — since the start of the COVID pandemic — for professionals involved in the cleaning industry. That includes distributors who cater to jan/san, packaging, food service and related business segments. What will develop in 2023, and beyond, is open to speculation,…


The Durkin Company: Three New England Businessmen Take a Huge Risk

The Durkin Company: Three New England Businessmen Take a Huge Risk That Pays Off

December 22, 2022

Many businesspeople will agree it is necessary to take risks from time to time to run a successful, growing company. There is a famous quote attributed to businessman Frederick Wilcox that says, “Progress always involves risks. You cannot steal second base and keep your foot on first.” Three New England businesspeople may have taken risk-taking…


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