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From Airx Laboratories: RX 420 Fragrance–Free Smoke & Odor Eliminator

March 18, 2024

The RX 420 fragrance-free formula, from Airx Laboratories, is perfect for those who prefer a more natural and subtle approach to odor control. “You’ll be able to breathe easy and enjoy the benefits of a clean and odor-free space without any added scents,” according to Airx. “Cigarette, vaping, and marijuana smoke can all leave behind…


Mastering Restroom Odor Control: 4 Steps To A Fresher, Happier Space

November 29, 2023

By John Schauff, Director of Government Services & Training, Spartan Chemical Company Restrooms have always held a unique place in the realm of facility management. Often overlooked, they serve as a barometer of an establishment’s attention to detail, cleanliness, and overall commitment to user experiences in their spaces. A well-maintained restroom not only leaves a…


Clearing The Air: The Importance Of Effective Odor Mitigation In Industrial Facilities

October 3, 2023

By: Tyler Williams, Director of Scientific Services, PathoSans Industrial facilities are essential drivers of economic growth and innovation, producing a wide range of goods and services that shape our modern world. However, alongside the benefits they bring, these facilities can also be sources of unwanted odors that impact the quality of life for employees and…


From The Bullen Companies: The Science Behind Airx RX-420

June 27, 2023

In a new video, John Johnson of Airx Laboratories talks about the science behind RX-420, a fragrance-free solution that eliminates unpleasant odors without masking them with artificial scents. Airx RX-420 Fragrance-Free Smoke & Odor Eliminator is formulated to neutralize a wide range of odors, including terpenes, which is responsible for the characteristic smell of garlic,…


The Bullen Companies Announces New Product: Airx RX 420, A Fragrance-free Smoke Eliminator

May 2, 2023

The Bullen Companies, and its Airx Laboratories division, have announced the release of a new product, the Airx RX 420 — a fragrance-free smoke eliminator! “RX 420 will revolutionize the way you combat smoke and other foul odors in your home or workplace. Bullen understands how challenging it can be to eliminate smoke odor from your…