Myron Schultz Presented With ISSA Manufacturer Representatives’ Distinguished Service Award

Myron Schultz receives The Manufacturer Representatives’ Distinguished Service Award

Myron Schultz, President of Lambskin Specialties, received The Manufacturer Representatives’ Distinguished Service Award at the 2022 ISSA Show in Chicago. He was recognized for his years of dedication and work with various manufacturer representatives.

ISSA announces three Achievement Awards at the 2022 Show in Chicago

The presentation was in relation to three ISSA Achievement Awards, announced at the event. The award ceremony presented The Jack D. Ramaley Industry Distinguished Service Award to Meredith Reuben, retired CEO of EBP Supply Solutions. Tillman Keller, district sales manager at Kelsan Inc., won the ISSA NextGen Rising Star Award in Honor of Jimmy Core.These annual awards acknowledge cleaning-industry professionals’ commitment to driving the industry forward through their positive contributions in business and beyond.

Lambskin Specialties continues to work hand-in-hand with manufacturer representatives

Myron Schultz continues to work hand-in-hand with 17 manufacturer representative groups that promote and support his company’s sales and marketing efforts. Lambskin Specialities, of Winnipeg, MB, is a manufacturer and supplier of such items as wool dusters, wash mitts, applicator pads, and polishing bonnets. Also available are feather and synthetic dusters, chamois, and squeegees.

“Lambskin has employed manufacturer representatives for decades — since about 1970 when Mark Reimers and Irv Goldstein signed on — and continues to seek their input through rep meetings, and regular phone, email and zoom contact, while also joining them in the field supporting their efforts,” Schultz said.

He thanked the many people who have helped his company prosper, including his business partner and the factory staff, as well as the individuals who have represented Lambskin over the years, most notably Reimers & Goldstein, Walt & Tom Kolterman, PJ & Ted Gilbert, Dick Friedman and Bob McClung.

“Today, our representatives are more than just people who work for us, they are partners, they are friends, and we rely on them. One thing my father taught me years ago, ‘If you have great sales representatives, you are equal to almost anybody in the industry.’ There have been, and continues to be, so many great reps who work for us,” Schultz said. “To say I’m grateful is definitely an understatement. This industry, at its roots, is about family, connections, communication, tradition, integrity and commitment to quality. It is as much about people as it is about products. I hope we never lose sight of that, particularly after all we have been through during the past couple of years (with the pandemic).

“In honor of the legacy of my grandfather and my parents, and on behalf of my wife, my family, and our company — with great humility — I am honored to accept this award.”

Lambskin Specialties develops Mobile Analytic Rep Application (MARA) to help its reps work more efficiently

During the presentation of the award at the ISSA General Business Meeting, ISSA Manufacturer Representative Director Jay Shearer mentioned that Schultz initiated, and helped develop, the Mobile Analytic Rep Application (MARA) program Lambskin uses to provide its manufacturers’ representatives with detailed sales activity, on demand and in real time. The goal of MARA is to increase the value of customer interactions, allowing the reps to work more efficiently while generating greater sales volume.

Myron Schultz explained, “I was having trouble providing reps with current data related to their accounts. What we were feeding them was totally insufficient to permit them to do their jobs. I asked my friend John Manzoian (of J&M Technologies) for advice and he connected me with Mark de Jeu. Mark worked with me to develop and launch MARA. It’s based on software that he developed for distributor sales representatives. As far as I know, no such program had existed for independent manufacturer representatives in our industry.

Myron Schultz expresses gratitude to the people who helped his company prosper

“Today, (MARA) provides our reps with accurate and immediate access to all the data associated with their accounts. That includes what products have been purchased, pricing, invoice numbers, shipping dates, order frequency, most popular items, and order tracking. And the best part — the rep doesn’t have to enter any data. It all comes from our own sales data. I am really proud that we have empowered our reps with MARA.”

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