Ameripolish Launches 3D SF Silicate-Free Densifier

Ameripolish, an architectural concrete products provider, has launched the 3D SF Densifier. The new non-silicate densifying agent adds improved abrasion resistance, stain resistance and water repellency to exposed, colored and polished concrete, featuring ion-exchange technology, according to the company.

“This new silicate-free densifier offers superior performance, improving the slab’s overall durability,” Ameripolish President Clint Howle said. “3D SF is great for warehouses and retail floors alike.”

An Ameripolish news release added: “Ameripolish® 3D SF is great for grind and seal or traditional polishing jobs, minimizing dust for healthier indoor air quality (IAQ), and offers improved abrasion and stain resistance over conventional silicate densifiers.”

3D SF was designed using ion-exchange chemistry to harden concrete surfaces. It is ready to use and covers 500-700 square feet per gallon, depending on concrete porosity.

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