Ozone Generation And Hydroxyl Air Treatment Provide Green And Effective Options For Bad Odor Removal In AFH Facilities

Newaire™ HO3 – 2500 Air & Surface Treatment System (Photo courtesy of Queenaire Technologies)

Name the away-from-home (AFH) facility and chances are poor air quality and bad odors can become a serious issue. Instead of masking foul air and strange smells, many business owners and maintenance personnel have turned to ozone generation equipment. The use of ozone for eliminating odors is well established. Ozone generation can rid properly treated areas of smoke, mildew, and a wide assortment of other offending gases. The same is true when using hydroxyl technology.

One popular item is the Newaire™ HO3 – 2500 Hydroxyl and Ozone Generator Air and Surface Treatment System, produced by Queenaire Technologies. Serving as a “one stop shop” for solving odor and air quality issues, the Newaire™ HO3 – 2500 provides the benefits of both hydroxyl air treatment and ozone generation.

“We took the best characteristics of each type of air and surface treatment when designing that product,” Queenaire Technologies President Susan Duffy said. “It can be used as a hydroxyl generator, in areas where people are present, to rid of odors, bacteria and viruses. It can also be used to generate ozone in the same location, with the use of a timer, while people are not present, for a more in-depth odor treatment and cleaning.”

Duffy explained that hydroxyl radicals are formed in nature. They are diatomic molecules that are highly reactive and very short-lived. Discovered in 1963, hydroxyl radicals are often referred to as the “detergent” of the troposphere (the lowest part of the atmosphere), because they help destroy many pollutants.

Atmospheric hydroxyl radicals should not be confused with free radicals that are produced inside living organisms. Atmospheric hydroxyl radicals are so reactive that they are instantly neutralized when making contact with any substance, and would be impossible to ingest as a complete ion. That makes using hydroxyl radicals, which are always found in the outside air during the day, one of the safest processes for deodorizing an occupied area.

Ozone, meanwhile, is often referred to as nature’s own purifier. It’s most evident at the seashore, near a waterfall, in a rain forest and after a thunderstorm. Ozone makes up approximately 20 percent of the air being breathed every day, and has been used over the past century to purify water and eliminate odors.

Ozone is not used as a reodorant, but rather destroys offending gases, reacting with contaminates in air, water, and on fabrics, walls, and ceilings. And ozone is green.

“What can be greener than Mother Nature’s very own air cleaner?” Duffy asked. “We can all relate to the idea of freshening our home, office, and vehicle by opening the windows and letting fresh air blow through. That leaves the area smelling fresher and cleaner. What many people don’t realize is that the ozone being generated naturally in the air outdoors, is what provides the deodorizing effect when the breeze blows through.”

Newaire™ Plugin Air Purifier (Photo courtesy of Queenaire Technologies)

She added that ozone generation is a simple and clean technology that helps naturally eliminate odors, without the use of harsh chemicals. With an ozone machine, basically all that is being done is manipulating indoor air by splitting oxygen molecules. The process eliminates odors.

“A good ozone generator is, and always will be, the best way to deodorize air, surfaces and to reach cracks and crevices. However, limitations to this process occur in areas where people are present,” Duffy said. “A hydroxyl generator can be used to fill that void for superior air quality. With the Newaire™ HO3 – 2500, Queenaire Technologies offers two types of odor elimination — ozone and hydroxyl — within the same machine. Those technologies complement one another.”

Such facilities that can benefit from this product are hotels, restaurants, convention centers, multi-housing units, new construction, nursing homes, hospitals, daycare centers — really any type of facility where closed windows and poor indoor air quality go hand-in-hand.

“We also see car dealers and realtors use ozone and hydroxyl technology to rid of odors in cars and homes that are for sale. Rental stores are now purchasing our equipment as well to rent to their customers,” Duffy said.

Another popular product from Queenaire Technologies is the Newaire™ Plugin Air Purifier. It’s designed to naturally deodorize rooms up to 500 square feet, eliminating odors caused by smoke, mold and mildew, pets, chemicals, garbage, cooking, etc.

The Newaire™ Plugin incorporates a patented ion wind technology that allows ozone to be circulated from the machine without the use of fans or moving parts, ensuring silent operation. The product features a compact design and there are no parts or chemicals to replace. End-users just plug the product into a wall socket for years of silent and uninterrupted springtime fresh air in areas up to 500 sq/ft.

It’s perfect for continually removing odors in kitchens, hotel rooms, restrooms, laundry rooms, hallways, pet areas, offices, classrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, recreation vehicles, fitness centers and day care centers.

“The Newaire™ Plugin crosses all lines and markets related to odor control. It can be used in occupied spaces and runs continuously in commercial applications,” Duffy said. “Due to its smaller size, the Newaire™ Plugin is also great for distributor sales rep demonstrations.”

With established brands Newaire, Rainbowair and Queenaire in place, and a management team with over 30 years of air quality and odor control experience, Queenaire Technologies, Inc., provides various products that incorporate up-to-date ozone generating technology, as well as hydroxyl air treatment, to an expanding marketplace.

“The main purpose of our products is to get rid of bad odors. That is what we are known for, and we have enjoyed much success due to our expertise and products in odor control,” Duffy said.

Call 1-866-676-9663 or visit ozoneexperts.com for more information.

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