PURELL® Brand Improves Access To Hand Hygiene With Outdoor Dispenser

GOJO Industries, the makers of PURELL® products, offers the PURELL® CS4 All-Weather Dispensing System. Traditional dispensing solutions are generally designed for indoor settings. This cutting-edge dispenser enables commercial and municipal buyers to confidently offer hand sanitizer and hand soap in outdoor or high-traffic areas. Ever since GOJO co-founder Jerry Lippman invented the world’s first portion-controlled hand cleaner dispenser in 1952, GOJO has relentlessly advanced dispensing system design and function.

The PURELL® CS4 All-Weather Dispensing System is made of engineered resin that is over three times stronger than materials used in most dispensers.1 Its innovative design is water-resistant to help keep the rain out2 and deter vandalism or refill theft, and its special graphite paint makes it resistant to UV fading so that it will maintain its performance and appearance in a wide range of extreme conditions and temperatures (-40°F – 122°F).3 It has a large and durable sight window to make it easier to see when a refill is needed and helps reduce labor and maintenance costs.

GOJO designed this dispenser to succeed where many traditional dispensers won’t, including the following environments:

  • Convenience Stores:fuel stations, air pumps, car cleaning stations, restrooms, store/kiosk entrance;
  • Mass Transit(e.g., commuter trains, subways, bus lines): station or vehicle entry and exit points (e.g., subway platform pillars), fencing near ticket lines, escalator exit points, etc.;
  • Public Venues(e.g., public parks, amusement parks, stadiums, outdoor retail): walkway posts and streetlights, near wastebaskets, facility entrances, parking lots (near metered stations), restrooms (indoor or portable);
  • K-12 Schools or Higher Education: high-traffic outdoor areas such as outdoor walkways and quads, outdoor dining, stadiums, gyms, restrooms, playgrounds, bus ramps, and other pain point locations in a school;
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Restrooms;
  • Restaurant Outdoor Dining, Food Trucks, and Stands;
  • Drive-Up/Through Food Service, Banks, Movies, and other Service Providers;
  • Non-Temperature-Controlled Indoor Environmentssuch as storage units, automotive repair garages, and parking garages; and,
  • Portable Restrooms.

“With more than 80% of the public now expecting hand sanitizer to be offered in public places,* access to hand hygiene is more important than ever before, so we must offer reliable PURELL® dispensing options suitable for any environment,” said Jessica McCoy, Chief Solutions Officer, GOJO Industries. “The addition of this groundbreaking dispenser means PURELL® hand sanitizer or soap can now be offered in any location. The PURELL® CS4 All-Weather Dispensing System underwent over 5,400 hours of internal, third-party, and live field testing to prove it can survive in the elements, including impact testing, immersing it in water, and freezing its locks.”

GOJO is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a Women’s Business Enterprise, so purchasing these dispensing systems and PURELL® refills can help customers achieve their supplier diversity goals and demonstrate their commitment to fostering diversity and equity.

Businesses and government entities can now purchase the PURELL® CS4 All-Weather Dispensing System across the United States.

GOJO Industries helps the world experience greater health and wellness by leveraging its more than 75 years of experience to continually introduce improved ways to keep hands, and the surfaces they frequently touch, clean. The clearest example of this commitment is the PURELL® brand – a badge of hand and surface hygiene that is implicitly trusted in hospitals, restaurants, schools, businesses, airports, entertainment venues, and homes throughout the world. That clear focus, paired with three generations of family leadership willing to continually invest in our business, allows us to create true sustainable value that benefits society and continue our growth trajectory. For more information on GOJO Industries, visit GOJO.com.

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  2. IP 53 Water and Dust Resistance Testing of PURELL®CS4 All-Weather Dispensing System. Testing conducted at Delserro Engineering Solutions. UV-Solar and High-Low Temperature testing conducted with subsequent pump down testing of the PURELL®CS4 All-Weather Dispensing System (-40°F – 122 ° F). Testing conducted at Delserro Engineering Solutions.
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*Results based on a nationwide online survey of 500 individuals conducted in January 2021; MR#006-102.

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