The Bullen Companies Announces Transition To Sustainable Brown Boxes

The Bullen Companies has announced its switch to brown boxes for packaging.

We’re thrilled to share a major step forward in our commitment to sustainability and cost-efficiency at The Bullen Companies,” according to a press release.

According to The Bullen Companies, its brown boxes will maintain the same high standards as the company’s previous white ones. (Photo courtesy of The Bullen Companies)

Brown Box Conversion Key Highlights:

  1. Environmentally Preferred:
  • Brown boxes are the purest form of paper, naturally unbleached.
  • Environmentally conscious choice, showcasing Bullen’s commitment to recyclable packaging.
  • Lower cost compared to white boxes, contributing to overall packaging cost control.
  1. Lower Cost:
  • Brown boxes offer a cost-effective solution, addressing the rising expenses associated with packaging.
  1. More Durable / Enhanced Appearance:
  • Brown boxes handle shipping and handling wear better, maintaining a cleaner appearance.
  • The natural uncoated texture hides marks and imperfections during the shipping journey.
  1. Technical Data:
  • Brown boxes are crafted from unbleached pulp, eliminating the need for chemical bleaching.
  • 100% recycled material, directly made from unbleached pulp, supporting global recycling efforts.
  • Uncoated nature makes brown boxes more eco-friendly and easier to recycle.
  • Equal strength and durability as bleached boxes, with a reduced environmental footprint.

The release from Bullen added: “We’re excited about this positive change and the environmental impact it brings. Thank you for your continued partnership and support.”


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