Using The Right Cleaning Chemicals Is Imperative To Cleaner AND Safer Facilities

By Scott Jarden, President of The Bullen Companies

Scott Jarden (Photo courtesy of The Bullen Companies)

Providing cleaning chemicals and related supplies to away-from-home facilities — such as offices, hotels, hospitals, and public venues — presents several challenges. Here are some of the main issues to consider:

1.) Safety Standards and Regulations: Ensuring compliance with local, national, and sometimes international safety standards and regulations for the storage and use of chemicals can be complex. This includes proper labeling, safety data sheets, and training for staff on handling and disposal procedures.

2.) Storage and Logistics: Proper storage conditions for cleaning chemicals are crucial to maintain their effectiveness and ensure safety. Away-from-home facilities must have suitable storage areas that are secure, well-ventilated, and protected from extreme temperatures. Additionally, logistics can be challenging, especially in larger facilities or those spread across multiple locations, requiring consistent supply and inventory management.

3.) Environmental Impact: There is increasing pressure to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning products. Facilities must choose products that are effective yet minimize harm to the environment. This includes biodegradable chemicals, reduced packaging, and systems that use concentrated formulas to decrease transportation emissions.

The use of cleaning chemicals must not pose health risks to the users and other facility occupants. This requires selecting products that are less toxic and hypoallergenic, and implementing protocols to avoid exposure during cleaning operations.

There are quite a few types of dispensers available for various product uses. Depending on the end-use, choices include a simple spray bottle fill setup to a high flow rate dispenser for auto scrubbers.

Product certifications are also important for several reasons when it comes to cleaning chemicals and related supplies, including:

1.) Health and Safety Assurance: Certifications often indicate that a product has been tested and meets specific health and safety standards. This is crucial for products like cleaning chemicals that could pose health risks if improperly formulated or used.

2.) Environmental Impact: Certifications such as from ECOLOGO, Green Seal, and Safer Choice indicate that the product has a reduced environmental impact compared to other products in the same category. That includes such aspects as biodegradability, reduced toxicity, and energy-efficient manufacturing processes. Another part of certification relates to waste reduction.

3.) Quality and Performance: Certain certifications ensure that a product meets defined performance standards, offering a degree of assurance that the product will work as advertised. This is particularly important in professional settings where efficacy and reliability are critical.

When it comes to using the right type of cleaning chemicals and related supplies, it’s also important to use the most efficient product for the job at hand, so that cleaning steps can be done as fast as possible to minimize chemical exposure from a personal and environmental standpoint. An inferior product could lead to longer cleaning times and greater exposer.

Comprehensive training prior to using cleaning chemicals can be delivered through various methods, including live demonstrations, online tutorials, written manuals, and in-person classes — depending on the customer’s needs and resources. Ensuring customers are well-educated about these aspects helps promote safety, compliance, and the effective use of cleaning products.

The Bullen Companies is known as a manufacturer that provides high-quality cleaning and odor control products. This includes a variety of chemical cleaners, deodorants, disinfectants, and similar products, often used by professional cleaning services. These products are used across different industries such as janitorial, industrial, aviation, and more. Bullen has its own brands, Airx, Truekleenn, One Up, Clausen Carpet Solutions and E-Clean environmentally preferable cleaning products. It also makes thousands of specialty products from dog shampoo to aircraft cleaners. For more information about Bullen, send an email to or visit

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