Trojan’s New AES Battery Delivers Up To 3x The Cycle Life Of Standard AGM

Trojan Battery Company’s AES Battery with carbon additives boosts productivity and cuts costs for:

  • Access/Lift Equipment Operators
  • Material Handling/Warehouse Managers
  • Floorcare Professionals
  • Equipment Rental Company Owners
  • OEMs/Distributors

How Does Trojan’s AES Battery Differ from Standard AGM Batteries?

“An evolution of AGM technology, the affordable Trojan AES Battery features a combination of technological advancements, including a proprietary carbon additive to preserve the negative active material,” according to a press release. “While other companies make similar models that preserve the negative active material, our battery also incorporates additives and Deep Cycle Series (DCS) technology to prevent the degradation of the positive materials. It works in a partial state of charge (PSoC) while preserving both the negative active and positive material. It is also designed for opportunity charging, effectively expanding run time.

“How Does the Trojan AES Battery Outperform Competitive Products? Available in 6-, 8- and 12-volt models, the battery:

  • Lasts Longer: Up to 3x more cycle life than standard AGM. Validated at 1,200 cycles at 100% DoD. (Competitors claim only 2x the cycle life of standard AGM).
  • Harsh Conditions: Robust performance in extreme conditions and temperatures ranging from -40o F to 160o F (-40o C to 71o C).
  • Harmless PSoC Operation: Tested to withstand long-term PSoC, again and again.

“The battery is also:

  • Maintenance Free.
  • Safe and Sustainable: Classified as non-spillable and can be safely mounted horizontally to fit difficult locations. It is made using 80% recycled materials and is 99% recyclable.
  • Warranty:Carries a three-year warranty.
  • Rugged Design: Trojan’s AES Batteries are designed and manufactured to absorb vibrations and shock.
  • Charger Compatibility: The battery has plug-and-play compatibility with chargers using AGM profiles.

“Trojan’s Value-Added Benefits: Trojan Battery Company helped shape deep-cycle battery technology and is a major supplier to OEMs. We back our products with unsurpassed service and support, including:

  • An International Technical Support Line staffed with battery experts.
  • Extensive networks of Trojan Master Distributors and Authorized Trojan Dealers.
  • Manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, and Mexico.

“This premium VRLA battery lets users maximize productivity and minimize their total cost of ownership,” Matt Herr, senior product manager for Motive, said. “It enables OEMs and distribution partners to improve and differentiate their products and boost profits.”

Learn more about Trojan’s AES Battery.

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