Kärcher Introduces CleanWave, A Battery-Powered Commercial Pressure Washer

CleanWave unleashes the power without the cord, with a runtime of up to 240 hours. (Photo courtesy of Kärcher)

In what the company calls a ground-breaking move toward sustainable and efficient cleaning solutions, Kärcher has unveiled its latest innovation: CleanWave, a battery-powered commercial-strength cold-water pressure washer.

“Engineered to meet the demands of professional cleaning tasks by partnering power with environmental responsibility, this cutting-edge washer redefines the landscape of commercial cleaning equipment. A testament to Kärcher’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, CleanWave is designed for professionals who demand top-tier performance and lead environmental stewardship,” according to a press release.

The battery-powered CleanWave Deluxe is equipped with advanced lithium-ion technology with a runtime of up to 4 hours. The CleanWave Classic model is also available, featuring AGM batteries with a runtime of up to 1.5 hours. The cordless design means the operator is not tethered to a power source, unlike conventional electric models.

“Designed for versatility, this state-of-the-art pressure washer caters to a spectrum of applications, from outdoor spaces and building exteriors to heavy machinery and industrial equipment. CleanWave can be positioned in a facility’s wash bay, or placed on a truck or trailer, allowing more mobility for cleaning professionals to work efficiently without constraint,” the release added. “Moreover, the eco-conscious design aligns with Kärcher’s commitment to sustainability. By eliminating reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing carbon footprint, this battery-powered washer embodies our dedication to environmentally responsible solutions without compromising on productivity. With CleanWave, being a good steward for the planet aligns with eliminating fossil fuels from your cleaning operations.”

Key Features According to Kärcher:

Cordless Freedom: Liberating cleaning professionals from the constraints of electrical cords, this pressure washer allows users to navigate seamlessly through various job sites without sacrificing power.

Eco-Friendly Operation: The battery-powered design aligns with Kärcher’s commitment to environmental sustainability. By eliminating the need for traditional fuel sources, the pressure washer not only reduces carbon emissions and contributes to a cleaner planet, it saves approximately $5,000 in fuel costs annually when compared to gas-powered pressure washer usage.

Extended Battery Life: Equipped with advanced battery technology, the CleanWave Deluxe delivers maximum power for up to 90 minutes, and maximizes productivity in ECO mode for up to 240 minutes of solid cleaning time. The L-ion battery pack can recharge from flat to full in 10 hours.

Robust Construction: Delivering robust cleaning performance without compromise and built with durability in mind, CleanWave features a rugged steel cage design and a forklift compatible frame, ensuring it stands up to the demands of commercial use. State-of-the-art controls ensure the motor and pump are protected throughout extended use, even in hostile environments up to 110°F.

Versatile Applications: From construction sites to industrial facilities, fleet maintenance to outdoor cleaning projects, CleanWave is designed to meet the diverse needs of commercial cleaning. CleanWave rides the wave of innovation to propel toward a cleaner, greener future with zero emissions.

Visit www.karcher.com/us.

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