Morgro’s Proven Ice Melt Products, Education And Support Help Facility Grounds To Remain Safe

Shown, left to right, are Morgro Vice President/General Manager Mark Ihme and National Sales Manager Cole Parkinson.

The best time of year to start thinking about upcoming ice melter needs is when few people are thinking about snow and ice — the summer and early fall. It is during such a time when supply levels and early-season discounts are the most abundant, according to Morgro Vice President & General Manager Mark Ihme.

“Distributors who are talking about ice melt now, pre-selling ice melt now, and bringing in ice melt now are going to be a step ahead compared to those distributorships that wait until winter nears. Early ordering allows distributors to be properly equipped and to better satisfy their end-user customer base,” he explained.

To help, Morgro offers early-order discounts and delayed billing options to incentivize preseason sales and shipping.

“We take pride in providing quality products, education, experience, dedication, and support when it comes to ice melt. A team effort is in place at Morgro,” Ihme said. “Some of our employees have been with the company for 30 years and are happy to share their wealth of knowledge. Morgro is also expanding its operations and storage capacity to prepare for more distribution in the future.”

Morgro’s ice melter portfolio includes:

  • Sno-Plow, featuring a combination of sodium chloride and liquid magnesium chloride, which is applied in concentrated form during a manufacturing process. The inhibitor in Sno-Plow’s Liqui-Fire melting enhancer helps to reduce corrosion on exposed metals, and is less toxic than common baking soda, according to Ihme. The product has been approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for use around food processing operations.

“Liqui-Fire effectively lowers the working temperature range of Sno-Plow, allowing it to work at a faster rate. It’s also environmentally friendly to vegetation,” Ihme said.

Sno-Plow is safe to use on asphalt and concrete surfaces, leaving no oily residue, and works in temperatures as low as -27°F.

Sno-Plow’s green-colored granules reduce the possibility of over-application, and the product comes in a variety of packaging options — 25- and 50-pound bags, 50- and 100-pound boxes, 50-pound pails and 100-pound drums.

  • Ice Fighter Plus, a premium ice melter for end-users who want additional protection for concrete. The product helps protect against the negative influences of the freeze-thaw cycle. It features a two-component system, consisting of sodium chloride granules as well as Propolyice, which is used exclusively in Ice Fighter Plus.

According to Ihme, “Propolyice provides a layer of polymer that settles between water and concrete. That helps eliminate water seeping through pores and cracks in the concrete. We coat each granule with Propolyice, a proprietary chemical compound, as well as one other component, to attain a uniform product.”

Ice Fighter Plus comes in a variety of packaging sizes — a 50-pound bag, box and pail, as well as a 100-pound drum — and is colored blue.

“Demand for Ice Fighter Plus is especially strong with property maintenance personnel, who want to protect decorative concrete,” Ihme said.

Ice Fighter Plus will not harm vegetation, when used as directed, and the product will melt ice at temperatures as low as -22°F.

  • Cal-Melt,which features a combination of sodium chloride and liquid-coated calcium chloride. The product was specifically formulated for those markets or bid requirements that specify a calcium chloride ice melter.

Each granule is coated with liquid calcium chloride and a non-staining pink colorant. Cal-Melt’s pink granules react quickly with moisture in the air to begin the melting process, and feature a maximum melting point of -25°F. The product comes in 50-pound bags.

Unlike some purified forms of calcium chloride products, Ihme said Cal-Melt does not require the use of gloves or respirators, and is safe to apply with bare hands. It’s also safe to use around trees, shrubs and other vegetation, when used as directed. Another advantage of Cal-Melt is that it has a shelf life of several years.

  • Deep Thaw,a magnesium chloride-based product that includes sodium chloride and Liqui-Fire. The product comes in 25- and 50-pound bags, as well as 50-pound boxes; will melt snow/ice in temperatures as low as -27°F and is colored green.

A large supply of ice melter is on hand at Morgro in preparation for the winter season.

All of Morgro’s ice melter brands feature contemporary and upscale graphics and packaging.

Ihme said the winter of 2022/2023 was very good for Morgro. Despite high demand, the company was able to supply product throughout the season. He credits Morgro’s products and staff for last winter’s success.

“Our ice melters are manufactured, not blended. Each granule is coated with either magnesium chloride, calcium chloride or Propolyice. That sets Morgro apart from most of the competition,” Ihme said. “It means each granule is working, when applied. Those granules are also colored, helping to prevent over-application. Not only does that allow end-users to apply the proper amount, it saves them money as they are not using too much of the product. Over-application can also cause issues with concrete and vegetation. The end result, our products compete well against cheaper ice melters.”

Another advantage for Morgro is its location in Salt Lake City, UT, an area with an ample supply of solar salt.

“Everything we make is made at our Salt Lake City facility, and then distributed throughout the country,” Ihme said. “We start each season with a large supply of product, literally hundreds of truckloads on the ground ready to ship.”

Morgro representatives rely on visits with distributors — often accompanied by broker partners — to demonstrate the various benefits of the company’s ice melters. Also, features an informational video about ice melter, as well as various educational materials. That includes articles focused on the science behind Morgro’s snow and ice melting products.

“Our training is hands-on, plus the video posted on our website explains very well the differences between pure, blended and manufactured ice melt, the latter of which we provide,” Ihme said. “People can visit our website to get a very good grasp of how our products differ from the competition.”

Contact: Morgro, Inc.,
145 West Central Ave., Salt Lake City, UT 84107.
Phone: 800-221-1049 or 801-266-1132.
E-mail: Website:

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