Nyco Products Company Introduces NPX Bug Contact Eliminator: First Green Seal™ Certified Insecticide In The Green Seal™ Environmental Innovation Program (GS-20)

Nyco Products Company has announced it has introduced the first and only bug spray certified under the Green Seal™ GS-20 Environmental Innovation Program, a program for manufacturers striving to advance product innovation for environmental good. Under the GS-20 Program, Nyco worked collaboratively with Green Seal to “explore environmental and health impacts, engage in transformative product innovation, and be rewarded for their achievement of significant lifecycle impact reductions.”

“New NPX Bug Contact Eliminator is safe for people and animals when used as directed, attacking the exoskeleton of bugs and killing them within 30 seconds of contact. NPX is packaged in a convenient RTU spray bottle that is safe* to use on and around food contact surfaces, making it ideal for foodservice environments. It is designed for easy ‘grab and spray’ whenever an unwanted pest makes an appearance,” according to a press release. “Nyco NPX Bug Contact Eliminator kills both flying and crawling insects within 30 seconds of contact. It has been rigorously tested and is effective on pests including Argentine ants, German cockroaches, bed bugs, house flies, red fruit flies, house spiders, two-spotted spider mites, and moth flies.

“Innovative NPX insecticide utilizes FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) ingredients, carries an HMIS rating of Triple 0 (posing no significant risk to health) and does not require personal protective equipment when used as directed. It can be used safely in food preparation areas and in and around soda fountains and drains to kill fruit flies within 30 seconds of contact.”

According to Nyco CEO Robert (Bob) Stahurski, “We believe that NPX Bug Contact Eliminator fills a very real need in our industry for a bug spray that can be sprayed in kitchens and on and around food contact surfaces. It’s been a pleasure working with the Green Seal team to develop, test and certify new NPX under their GS-20 Environmental Innovation Program. This insecticide is safe with no impact to health or the environment. It is truly innovative, and we are excited to bring it to market.”

Nyco Products Company is a privately-owned manufacturer of high-performance national cleaning brands and a distributor of private branded chemicals used in the foodservice, sanitary maintenance, industrial, institutional, and other specialty cleaning markets.

*Safe on food contact surfaces when used as directed.

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