Salt Depot Provides Relief From Ice/Snow Hazards With Strong Ice Melt Portfolio, Support

Not all ice melters are equally created. That is why a strong product portfolio, education, training, and service — from a reputable ice melt manufacturer — are all essential for those distributors helping their end-user customers properly clear ice and snow hazards. Providing a reliable ice melt program is a specialty of Salt Depot Inc.

“For starters, we provide an extensive FAQ section on our website that is very helpful for distributors and consumers. We discuss the advantages and challenges of each type of ice melt. There is good information on our site that helps consumers understand how to minimize potential damage to concrete sidewalks and driveways (visit Also, we can offer Zoom (or in person) training if desired,” Salt Depot Sales & Marketing Director Michelle Brasel said. “Service is also one of our biggest advantages that we provide. Salt Depot typically ships one to three days from receipt of order and keeps 200 to 500 truckloads of inventory in stock for added support. Last winter was an epic snow season for Utah and the Pacific Northwest. We had many snow events and late snows that cleaned out most postseason inventory. The winter challenged our salt supply, so we are starting with a larger buffer to provide that good service we have offered for many years.

“Based on recent discussions with our distributors, their starting inventory of ice melt this year is generally low. The good news is, we have already bagged a large quantity of ice melt, anticipating strong preseason demand. We are ready.”

Brasel advises distributors to check their inventory levels now, during the heat of the summer, and then bring in product before the season starts.

“We typically recommend 40 to 50 percent of a five-year average of usage as a starting point (if they have the space to store),” she said. “That way the distributor will not miss early sales and will have ample time to replenish as needed. We offer an early order discount program to help distributors bring in that beginning inventory in a cost-effective way. In return, they can either offer the same to their customers or maximize their margin on that inventory.”

There is always a balance with ice melt sales that involves safety, economy, and environmental impact, Brasel explained. She added Salt Depot’s products consist mostly of magnesium chloride blends, which are less damaging to grass and shrubs compared to straight salt or calcium chloride blends. She noted magnesium chloride helps moderate salt and does not promote algae bloom in lakes and rivers. It’s also friendlier to pets.

“For example, Salt Depot has a line of pet friendly products called Depot Dog, which is also a great all-purpose ice melter. It’s a 100 percent magnesium chloride product that performs at low temperatures (-20°F). It does not sting paws or, if licked, upset an animal’s stomach, and in addition, is friendlier to shrubs and grass. The recommended rate for Depot Dog is half that of typical salt-based ice melt, so the product is also economical when used as directed,” Brasel said. “Packaged in attractive 9-pound jugs, 20-pound bags, and 25-pound rectangular pails with scoops, Depot Dog is a great option for consumers who want to mitigate distress for their furry friends.

“Pet friendly products should not contain calcium chloride, which is exothermic. That means it generates heat when it combines with water (from ice, skin/paw moisture, etc). It works fast because of that action, but it can burn hands and paws.”

Salt Depot’s recyclable, plastic pails are a great, reusable way to store ice melt neatly and safely. They can also be refilled as needed from a recyclable bag. That keeps the ice melt from spilling, while the lid hides the product from view and keeps it dry. A simple scoop makes the product ready for use at any time. Packaged in jugs, bags, pails and boxes, Salt Depot’s ice melt products come in attractive and environmentally sustainable options for end-users.

“Other ice melt products from Salt Depot include 50-pound pails of Purple Heat — a tried-and-true brand for the jan/san industry — and Ice Heat. Those two products are our No. 1 and No. 2 best sellers. They can be refilled with 50-pound bags,” Brasel said. “Salt Depot also has its specialty Viper line, consisting of non-chloride products that are gentler on concrete. Viper 2.0 is 100 percent CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate), and the only product approved to melt ice and snow on new concrete.”

When it comes to properly using ice melt products, Brasel added, it’s important to recognize current climate conditions. That includes air and ground temperatures.

“Many times, throughout the winter, high performance blends are a better choice, especially when extra melting power is needed during very cold temperatures,” Brasel said. “There are companies, however, that misrepresent the capabilities of their products. For instance, it takes a considerable percentage (at least 20 percent) of an ingredient to reduce the threat of corrosion involving salt-based products. Some companies claim their products contain CMA, but there may only be 1 to 2 percent of that ingredient in each bag. Such a small percentage would have very little impact on overall performance. It’s important to remember, there is no ‘ice melt police’ in this industry to make sure marketing claims are accurate.”

Contact: Salt Depot Inc.,

5476 W. Wells Park Road,

West Jordan, UT 84081.

Phone: 801-282-1250.


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