The Bullen Companies Announces New Product: Airx RX 420, A Fragrance-free Smoke Eliminator

The Bullen Companies, and its Airx Laboratories division, have announced the release of a new product, the Airx RX 420 — a fragrance-free smoke eliminator!

“RX 420 will revolutionize the way you combat smoke and other foul odors in your home or workplace. Bullen understands how challenging it can be to eliminate smoke odor from your environment, especially when you must deal with unwanted fragrances that can be equally unpleasant. That’s why Bullen developed Airx RX 420, which is designed to effectively eliminate smoke and other odors without leaving any fragrance behind,” according to a Bullen press release. “What makes Airx RX 420 unique is its fragrance-free formula. Unlike other smoke eliminators that rely on strong fragrances to mask the odor, RX 420 does not have any lingering scent. It’s perfect for those who are sensitive to fragrances, have allergies or simply prefer a neutral scent.

“Airx RX 420 uses advanced technology to neutralize smoke and other odor particles in the air and on surfaces. RX 420 has a powerful formulation that captures smoke particles and converts them into harmless substances, leaving your space odor-free and fresh.”

For more information on this product or other Bullen brands send an email to, or call 800-444-8900 and ask for sales.

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