Woman-Owned Business Earns Elite Certification From USDA For All-Natural Mold Removal


EnzyCleanseTM is applied using a special fogger that produces micro-droplets. (Photo courtesy of Natural Home Solutions)

Natural Home Solutions, LLC, a woman-owned mold detection, removal, and air quality testing and purification company, has announced that XSpor’s proprietary, eco-friendly EnzyCleanseTM mold cleaner has earned the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Biobased Product Label, the first of its kind in the mold remediation industry.

“Biobased products help address climate change by offering renewable alternatives to traditional petroleum-based cleaning products by lowering the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and are safer for people, pets and the environment,” according to a press release. “EnzyCleanseTM is created by XSpor Technologies, a worldwide life sciences company that has partnered with Natural Home Solutions to offer the organic treatment to homes and properties in New England and beyond.”

“Everyone’s first reaction when they have a mold issue is to dump tons of chemical-based cleaning agents, like chlorine bleach, on the affected areas,” Laura Champagne, Owner of Natural Home Solutions and a scientist by trade, said. “While this may create a sterile smell, most people are not aware that they are causing more damage to their own health and the overall environment, while not fully treating their mold contamination at its source. Also, the traditional rip and tear process adds more unnecessary waste into our landfills.”

Champagne explains that mold is a living microorganism that thrives in dark, damp places. Using biobased enzymes, like those contained in EnzyCleanseTM , address the root of the problem by utilizing the mechanisms that nature has spent thousands of years developing.

“The enzymes in EnzyCleanseTM become atomized when fogged and permeate through porous materials and into wall cavities to break down and eliminate mold, while continuing to prevent new mold growth long after the treatment,” the release added. “Equally important, since microscopic mold spores travel freely and undetected throughout the air, causing allergies, breathing problems, headaches and other health hazards, natural enzymes unlock the mold on a molecular level and inhibit the production of additional spores, thus improving air quality and preventing recontamination.”

“Our green, non-toxic EnzyCleanseTM solution offers a powerful three-part punch to mold issues, treating it both at the surface level, behind the scenes and in the air,” Champagne said. “It is applied using a special fogger that produces micro-droplets small enough to penetrate through contaminated surfaces up to 25 feet and duct work to minimize the biological contaminants that could be consistently re-circulated through the air around a home or building.”

Besides the health, environmental and efficacy benefits, Champagne notes that using an eco-friendly mold removal process is more cost-effective and less intrusive than traditional remediation practices, which often require dangerous chemicals, expensive, labor-intensive tear-down, removal, and replacement of affected structures.

“EnzyCleanseTM will now display a unique USDA Certified Biobased Product label that highlights its percentage of biobased content, the portion that comes from a renewable source, such as plant, animal, marine, or forestry feedstocks. Utilizing renewable biobased materials displaces the need for non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals. Biobased products are cost-comparative, readily available, and perform as well as or better than their conventional counterparts,” the release said.

“We applaud XSpor Technologies LLC for earning the USDA Certified Biobased Product label and Natural Home Solutions for using it in its daily business operations,” Vernell Thompson, of the USDA BioPreferred Program, said. “The label is intended to help spur economic development, create new jobs, and provide new markets for farm commodities. But the label also makes it easier for consumers and federal buyers to locate biobased products and consider planet-friendlier options during purchase decisions. By having its products become USDA Certified Biobased, XSpor Technologies LLC joins an expanding list of businesses combating inaccurate marketing claims and the practice of greenwashing, while also contributing to a thriving bioeconomy that decreases our reliance on petroleum.”

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