Options Abound For Good Skin & Personal Care At Away-From-Home Facilities

Brandon Jones (Photo courtesy of Kutol Products Company)

By Brandon Jones, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Kutol Products Company

Dispenser Options

The choices are many when it comes to soap and sanitizer dispensers — ranging from wall mount to counter mount, portable or bulk. Selecting the best dispenser for a facility comes down to two main considerations: environment and usage. Environment is crucial because the setting where the dispenser will be placed greatly influences its effectiveness and durability. And usage because understanding the specific needs and volume of usage in a given space is essential for choosing the dispenser that will integrate seamlessly into the daily operations of the facility.

It is a smart first step to conduct a quick audit of the facility, starting with the number of restrooms. Ideally, each restroom sink will have a dedicated wall or counter mount soap dispenser. Additional sinks throughout the facility should also be considered such as kitchen or break room sinks. These locations may best be served with a bottle of hand soap that sits on the sink top, or gallon pump bottles.

Also note the number of high traffic areas and locations where people gather — these are spots where hand sanitizer dispensers are necessary. Hand sanitizer dispensers can hang on the wall or be mounted on a floor or counter-top stand for easy placement in busy areas such as entrances, exits, lobbies, hallways, and lunch and locker rooms. When soap and water isn’t available, using foam or gel hand sanitizer can help prevent the spread of germs that cause illness.

The type of dispenser — manual or no touch — also depends heavily on the needs of the facility. Manual soap and sanitizer dispensers are efficient and durable, making them a good option for any location including public restrooms and high-traffic areas. Typically made with plastic and no metal parts, they can be placed in wet or dry environments. If vandalism is of concern, manual dispensers are the way to go.

Touchless, automatic dispensers reduce the number of required touchpoints in a restroom, minimizing the spread of germs. The automatic dispensing function makes quick work of cleaning hands and is ideal for facilities interested in going “touchless.” There is additional maintenance with no touch dispensers in terms of battery checks and replacement — something else to keep in mind.

Let’s not forget about the back-of-house! Maintenance areas, warehouse and shipping docks, janitorial closets and locker rooms all have hand hygiene needs. In these areas, heavy-duty hand care products in high-capacity dispensers are often the most suitable option, especially when users are handling grease, chemicals, or stains.

Soap, Sanitizer & Skin Care Options

Dispensers serve no purpose if they are empty of product! It’s imperative that facilities maintain a regular refill schedule, ensuring dispensers are consistently stocked with the appropriate soap, sanitizer, or skin care product. This not only promotes the health and well-being of employees, visitors and customers but also enhances the overall cleanliness and hygiene standards of the facility.

Hand soaps remove dirt and germs from hands when used properly (wash for 20 seconds, covering all surfaces of the hands). Again, depending on the needs of the facility, dye- and fragrance-free soaps may be the best option as they appeal to a wider audience and eliminate potential allergy issues.

Hand sanitizers reduce the microorganisms on hands when soap and water are not readily available. When it comes to hand sanitizers, look for the active ingredient ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol) or isopropyl alcohol. Avoid any sanitizer containing methanol or 1-propanol — these can be toxic to humans and aren’t acceptable in hand sanitizers.

Industrial hand cleaners and scrubs tackle the greasiest, dirtiest, hardest working hands. Often, these products contain pumice or other natural scrubbers; some are solvent-based while others are solvent-free. Some can even be used without water. Heavy-duty hand care is especially important in industrial settings where hands get stained from grease, paint, chemicals, and adhesives. Protecting hands from these irritants helps reduce the risk of occupational dermatitis — the most prevalent industrial skin disease caused by contact with damaging solvents, chemicals, or allergens.

‘Green’ And Sustainable Options

Facilities with sustainable, eco-friendly initiatives can look for Green Seal® or ECOLOGO certified soaps and sanitizers as well as USDA BioPreferred™ sanitizers.

In general, commercial hand sanitizers are considered “environmentally friendly” or “green” because of their active ingredients: ethanol or isopropyl alcohol along with water. These ingredients are derived from natural sources like plants — including corn and sugar cane — which are considered renewable. Hand sanitizers are also typically fragrance- and dye-free, adding to their environmentally friendly status.

Foaming hand soaps can have waste reduction benefits. The foam starts out as a liquid in the container or refill bag, but when the dispenser is pumped, air is injected into the liquid to create the foamy texture. Each pump uses significantly less soap while still producing enough soap for effective handwashing. Studies have also shown that people using foaming hand soap use less water when washing their hands, resulting in savings on soap and water.

Kutol Products Company, founded in 1912, is a leading manufacturer of quality commercial hand soaps, hand sanitizers and soap dispensing systems under the Health Guard® and Kutol® Pro brands. The company’s hand care products include foaming and liquid hand soaps, antibacterial soaps, hair and body washes, industrial hand cleaners, and foam and gel hand sanitizers. Many are NSF registered, Green Seal® certified, USDA BioPreferred® or EcoLogo approved products. The company manufactures its products in Sharonville, OH, in its LEED Silver Certified, FDA-registered facility. Learn more at www.kutol.com.

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